The geographical area where our winery and vineyards are located is within the Tarragona Denomination of Origin.

It is the oldest wine denomination in Catalonia. Its wines were prized as far back as Classical times, when they were exported to Rome.

The white grape varieties cultivated here include macabeo, muscat, parellada and xarel.lo. From these grapes we make our white wines – these varieties provide freshness, acidity, balance and fruity aromas.

Varieties such as Chardonnay have been included to diversify the range and the style of the wines according to the demand of new markets. This is also the case of Sauvignon Blanc, which provides wines with a touch of elegance.

The red grapes include the ull de llebre (tempranillo), which is the predominant variety here. It gives light, fruity wines, both red and rosé.

Merlot has gradually been introduced to new wines to bring them finesse and aromatic nuances. The result of its vinification is wines with strong colour and texture, ideal for ageing in oak barrels.